Rugby gangstas and other fun stuff

4 11 2008

Hiii babyyy!

I called your room and talked to Jack. He said that you’re not feeling well and that you were already in bed. ūüė¶ Awww. I’m sorry. ¬†If I was there, we would be theraflu-ing and chicken-soup-ing it up, S√ľ√üe Junge.¬†Speaking of German, I finally found a good, real German recipe for¬†rouladen. If we can find a kitchen for Christmas, I’ll make you some. ¬†ūüôā See, look at how gooood!


And¬†Kartoffel Kn√∂del¬†and Rot Kohl to go with it! = Me drooling like Pavlov’s dogs.

(And yeah, Christmas at our house is going to rock whether you get used to my German cooking or not.)

Jake, I’m super-silly, over-the-moon excited to make this for you. As in, you have nooo idea. Hurry up, Christmas! I’ve got domesticating to do! Hmm, what else? Um, my roommate fire-shined her Bates tonight and my room smells like burnt Kiwi. Cool, right? Bleck. I already told you about being the BTO for Halloween and you still haven’t put pictures up of your Halloween. Tisk, tisk… We had a game today and I got filthy and bruised like usual — can’t say that I like rugby much more than skydiving, but it is a close call.


See? Mud everywhere. And yes, I know my nose gets really red. It was cold out, okay? Sheesh.


Oh, check out this Gangsta pose we pulled the other night during the Bible study. Classic facial expression, wouldn’t you say?


Jacob Atcher, I love and miss you. Very, very much — especially right now. I hope you’re sleeping well and feeling better. Can’t have my Junge getting sick. Do me a favor? Grab your Bible and read 1 Thessalonians 4: 13-14 and then rummage though your duffel bag till you hit pay dirt.

I love you sweetheart. Don’t be afraid to ring up the Hudson every once in a while, okay?




Size 6 and Size 13

3 11 2008


Only two and a half more years.

I love you,


Bootlegging movies + Jake + Me = Yay

31 10 2008

See, I TOLD you that I could do math.


I forgot how good these movies were and they’re making me miss you. Stupid Citadel and it’s stupid drill tests! And stupid Kuwait and it’s stupid Thanksgiving-robbing Arabic tests! <3333333.


^^ The Lion of the Tribe of Judah, much? 



And you know what’s cool? “Asalan” AKA, “Aslan” means “Lion” in Turkish. (I learned that today in my Middle Eastern Immersion class) And that means that CS Lewis was trying to make this as universal as possible and get the Word out to anyone who would listen.


Thanks for being Godly and awesome and perfect. I’m really missing you.



So, remember that time…

29 10 2008

Yes, I know that this is ridiculous. But you love me, remember?



^^ Volkswagen thinks that if we made a baby, this is what he would look like.


Or this.



Oiy vey! They’re¬†kinda cute… sort of… in a creepy way… And sorry, I honestly couldn’t resist. Will you get on Skype? I want to share a Bible verse with you.





Hey, I’m trying to fix things Part I

22 10 2008

Count Atcher-la?

22 10 2008



I’m sorry. Laugh please?



The new Ben Gibbard

10 10 2008

Ladies and ladies, may I present Mr. Colin Meloy.

Get ready, girl, ’cause we are all over that come Christmas. I sent you an MP3. Harmony, please.

Implications? What ever could you mean?

Less Than Three,