About Me

Jake, question. Is it ‘Jake’ with one J?

Yeah, one J.

That’s it?

There’s an A and a K….

Okay, there’s an A and K. Slow down, what order are they in? ________________________________________________________

I have an island off the coast of Nebraska. Want to run away with me?

Can nay do that, sister. Amir’s my BFF and I don’t go anywhere without him.


I want you to go camping with Jake in the Ice Cream Forrest. ________________________________________________________

Okay, uh, just because nobody likes us doesn’t mean that we shouldn’t go out strong tonight.


Hey, and listen to me, tonight’s gonna be craaaaazzzzzzayyyyyyy! ________________________________________________________

Honestly, honestly, honestly, honestly, honestly…


I’m gonna go home. I have a dentist appoint… I live with a dentist, so I’m gonna go home.


Quoting Jake and Amir is pathetic. Seriously, who does that? …And Amir’s not as cute as you anyway.


<33333333333333, which is a lot.


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