I’m Baaack

7 10 2008

Hola, El Captain de la Jake-o,

I’m back at Woo Poo. And yes, I did call your phone and send you an email. But you’re on here more often, so hush. So, not much to report about the train/at the station except a family of 15 kids – yes, I counted and HAD to ask to confirm – and a Muslim guy with a prayer rug and compass. 

But Jake, Look at what I came back to:

You’re seeing right. That my side of the room torn apart and Amanda wraped up in a blanket by my rack and on top of my bath robe.  What the fee-yak? I don’t understand that girl. At first, I was wondering how in the world you beat me back to NY, snuck into the Area and had time to tear my room to shreds.  And by the way, I still have your web belt. (But you know you love me.)

❤ & Ü,





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