One More Thing

9 10 2008

I added a song to the myspace profile.

Bitte listen to it, mein liebe. Danke shön, Fraulein.


John Jacob Atcher-Heimer Schmidt

9 10 2008

His name was my name too. (Okay, not really – but kind of.)

I called your room and one of your roommates said you were PTing your Plebe. No biggie, Shorty, I just called to say goodnight and to share the new picture for my personal shelf at El Cid.


I just love that smile on your face. Makes me break out in a big grin too.

I miss you already and I love you.


I’m Baaack

7 10 2008

Hola, El Captain de la Jake-o,

I’m back at Woo Poo. And yes, I did call your phone and send you an email. But you’re on here more often, so hush. So, not much to report about the train/at the station except a family of 15 kids – yes, I counted and HAD to ask to confirm – and a Muslim guy with a prayer rug and compass. 

But Jake, Look at what I came back to:

You’re seeing right. That my side of the room torn apart and Amanda wraped up in a blanket by my rack and on top of my bath robe.  What the fee-yak? I don’t understand that girl. At first, I was wondering how in the world you beat me back to NY, snuck into the Area and had time to tear my room to shreds.  And by the way, I still have your web belt. (But you know you love me.)

❤ & Ü,


23 09 2008

Do you feel like getting on Skype and worshiping with me?

Cause I want to praise Him with my best friend.

Sound good to you, too?

Thanks for being such a blessing to me babe. 

Earth to Atcher!

20 09 2008

Babyyyyyy… Where are you?

A-Dawg, I have super spectacular, totally factual, all-around awesome news and you’re not picking up your phone! So, I called your room and talked to Jack. Then I called the CCQ and talked to some Knob who knows you. Then I called the gym and nobody has seen you. AND THEN, I called yo mama and she hasn’t heard from you either. Sirrr, did you fall off the face of the Earth? I need to talk to you about something muy importante and I neeeed to make a decision about it.

So call me. Like right now.


[Not So] M(i)LD


17 09 2008


Excuse me, Miss, but Alias ended in 2006. And you’ve got one up on J. G. anyway.


Less Than Three


16 09 2008



Excuse me, Sir, but Abercrombie model tryouts are no longer held at the WWII Memorial.