11 09 2008

Dear Luvah,

I like it when you burn me CDS.

Especially CDs with this song:

And when you write me songs about cars, singing, pillowcases, running makeup, tangerines, pretty sights, South Carolina, spiders and their webs, Southern belles who are actually from Lewisburg, and not thinking but knowing anyway.

And when you stay up late so I can call you and we can talk about Jesus, bengal tigers, monkeys, tree algae, Plebes, Knobs, hurricanes, heavy refrigerators, the Arabic alphabet, why Mohammed was a bad man, night swims, making paths in the woods, redlights, telescopes and the New Duh Russia. 

I love you more than a Trau Hip loves Gray,


(And your mom says hi… ’cause I called her like you told me to. : ) )




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