Knobs, Hanna and more rambling

7 09 2008

Hey babe,

You’re not on Skype, AIM, Myspace, Facebook, or Yahoo. The world must be coming to an end. I’m the one who is never online  when we plan to talk, remember? Shame on you, Corporal. I finally got some Knob pictures together so you can see that you had it easy up there at Woo Poo U.


Some Knob in my Company getting racked by Cadre


Knobbies beating their faces.

A Knob getting racked for not sounding off.


“Sir, Cadet Recruit Nasty-Nasty requests to drive your stairs, Sir.”


Knob goes to the end of the line. Nobody could drive the stairs through that guy.


Knobs bracing. 

So there you go. You wanted it, I got it. Whatcha think? Could the all-mighty, all-militant tough girl hang? Just picking on you babe. I know you could. There’s actually a girl in the cadre this year who racks the Knobs harder than any guy I’ve ever seen. She’s made the football players cry and 6 Knobs DOR.

In other news, we had a pickup football game today in Hurricane Hanna. Remember how geese used to swim on the quad in Cornwall? It was kind of like that, and I still have mud in my ears. Went out to dinner tonight with Dan, Jack and Ryan. We met up with Jack’s girlfriend who goes to CoC and one of her friends. And I am now officially addicted to Frank’s– got a buffalo chicken burger because I’m missing your buffaloed chicken salad. It wasn’t the same. I went looking for Frank’s tonight and I don’t think they sell it down here. Could you possibly send me a bottle? I need it for mess now, thanks to you.  But like I was saying before I got sidetracked, it was nice to get out tonight. I haven’t been off campus since I’ve been back to El Cid. I talked to my mom this afternoon and she wanted me to say hello to you, and to ask you why you (apparently) never call her. And I quote: Tell Mallory to call sometime. I miss her. It’s too quiet around here with both of you gone and anyway, she makes the best damn egg toast things I’ve ever had. I forgot to ask her how to do it and now I’m up the creek without a paddle. ” So, memo to Ma’am, can you fill mom in on how to make Rocky Mountain toast please? She said went to the doctor with Mrs. Weaver (that lady you met at church) and he said she’s made a great comeback. She told me that she’s feeling great and business is picking up finally. Thank God.

Not much else is going on down here. I think I’ll give you a call and if I can’t reach you I’ll just go to bed. Going to church at 8 and then there’s a men’s study group at 1. If you want to talk, I’ll be back in the barracks after 2:30.

Good night babe. I love you.





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