Peace, love and blackmail

31 07 2008

Dear Atcher Kid aka Babe aka Billy Joel aka Sirrr aka Luvah,

I love you. You’re amazing. Your Death Cab cover is already in my iTunes library and it’s absolutely perfect. I’m listening to it right now for the four hundred thousandth time.

Now,  moving on. I’ve got a ton of stuff to cover in regards to your blog-jacking shenanigans. OPSEC? Puhlease. Babe, I hardly consider you a threat and my password is far too complicated to be cracked by Al-Qaeda anyway.  Two, your German is fine in writing but it’s the accent that we really need to work on, Süße Junge. Vielen Dank though, I am flattered to qualify as your Schatz. Three, we do not eat a lot, we just eat a lot with each other. And I like food so get used to posting pictures. Four, I’m in Jonesport right now so we can frolic all we want. Five, you’re right, the cat totally does not know what’s sup. It’s all about Pennsylvania ketchup. Heinz, hooah. Eight, Lovers in Japan makes me want to wake you up and kiss you. As in, I’m debating doing just that at this very moment. You have good taste in music babe. Nine, what’s with the personalized kiddie songs on the Myspace page? You goofball. I laughed until I teared up. I think my favorite song is the one about the engine driver. And here’s God, already scolding me for that.  What a weighted 30 seconds it is. Hardy har har.

Well Sirrr, it’s late. I’m going to go crawl in your bed now seeing as you fell asleep on my cot in the basement. By the way Jacob, you have some sweet pajama pants on and I think that everyone else should see them too. So, I took the liberty of snapping a picture of you on my cot and in the most hippie-licious PJs on the planet.

Note the USMA Cadet cover and other assorted female things in the middle of boxes in the basement.  Tisk, tisk, tisk yourself, Atcher. I caught you multicolor pant-ed.


I ❤ you,





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