A post by Billy Joel

6 07 2008

Dearest Mallory,

You use the same password for everything sweetheart. And that’s an OPSEC risk, isn’t it? Tisk tisk, Cadet. What would we do if terrorists got a hold of your password? What kind of havoc could they wreak? Just picking.

But because I cracked your incredibly difficult to remember password, I’m going to use your blog to tell you that I love you. So, here goes: I love you. A lot. A whole lot. A whole heck of a lot. And I miss you. And I’m praying for you.

My FTX is over finally so feel free to call me if you need to/want to/can. I’m still in SC now but I’ll be home from the 7th until 23 August. Maybe I can catch you in New York when you go back for Reorgy Week. Or, if you want, you could come up after CFT instead of going back to Columbus. We’ll figure it out when CFT is over. I’m still praying babe.


Love you,

-Jake (aka Billy Joel)

 <—See, I told you I had this.

I wouldn’t forget that day. Love you.




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